Daily Coffee Report, May, 25th.


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Pysical Market:

The physical coffee market work a day stronger due a high in dolar market . Offers for coffee harvest 09/10 R $ 290.00 R $ 295.00; Crop 10/11 R $ 273.00 R $ 278.00, with 15% of grooming, and coffees with 20% grooming R $ 275.00 to 280.00, crop 09.10 and $ 268.00 to 272.00 harvest 10/11.


BM&F Arabica coffee settlement for Set/10 was U.S. $ 157,65 with 0,50 higher, totalizing 1.825 contracts of volume. Spread Set / Dec traded@ 1,00 to 1,20. Arbitrations Set / Set at -14,70 to -15.50; Sep / Dec -16,20 to -16,70; and Z/Z @ -14,80 to-15,50. The coffee market served in the morning works down due to strong high that we had in the dollar market. But after the improvement of the external environment and the consequent fall in the dollar market recover. Here at least we come to the BMF 154.70, and returned to work in the range of 157.50 again.


July coffee contract ended at 132,75, with 50 points lower and ranged between 130.60 and 133.30.Continuing the witnessed movement in this yesterday\'s session, the coffee price began this Tuesday with a fall tendency, following once again the negative external indicators, especially the sharp depreciation of the euro against the dollar. With some sales volume, the grain depreciated until the minimum at 130.60, where some purchases defense was notedand the emergence of new purchases came to appreciate until the previous minimum levels at (131.60), where strong stops activation was observed, togetherwith some improvement of the external environment, leading the commodity to work to the maximum of the day, quoted at 133.30. Feeling some resistance, with some oscillation coffee waxed the day quoted at 132.75. The 40, 100 and 200 moving average is located respectively at 134.70 / 136.50 and 138.90. AccordingtoCecafé, May shipments totalized 1.493.228 bags, a increase of 24,6% over the same period the previous month. July Liffe coffee close today at 1330, unchanged, in a range between 1313 and 1335.


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