Daily Coffee Report, April, 22th. Hencorp Commcor


postado em 22/04/2010 | Há 8 anos

Pysical Market:
The physical coffee market work with same yesterday prices..Offers to coffees with 15% of defects between 270.00 and 275,00, and for coffee with 20% of defects between 265,00 and 270,00.

The Sept/10 BM&F Arabica coffee settle@ 156,10 , 0,25 higher, totalizing 982 contracts , spreads of U/Z @ 2,20. Arbitrages : Set10/Set10 traded between –14,50 to -15,00; Sep10/Dez10 between -15,50 to -16,00 . The coffee market has worked on with a few swings, pressured by a worsening in the international sectors and the improvement of the dollar against other currencies, again finding support in the range of 155.30.

July coffee contract ended at 131,45, with 20 points higher and ranged between 130.25 and 132.10. Starting the day with some purchases volume, the coffee price in the morning showed some recovery, however, unable to continue the movement, influenced by the negative trend of the external environment, especially the devaluation of the euro against the dollar, the commodity started a low movement and, when reached the minimum of the previous session, some stops volume was noted leading up to the daily minimum at 130.25, where a large purchases scales volume were noted, giving breath to return to work close to the previous
settlement. After closing with a mild high of 20 points, further assessment was noted, leading to the highest quotation for the day at 132.10. On this first day, 803 delivery was notices, accumulating during the period 803 notices. The 40, 100 and 200 moving average is located respectively at 135.00 / 139.20 and 138.50. According to Cecafé, April shipments totalized 1.043.510 bags, an increase of 13,6% over the same period the previous month. July Liffe coffee close today at 1331, with 08 points higher, in a range between 1320 and 1338.

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