Brazil's grain production to fall 8.6% in 2009


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Brazil's grain production to fall 8.6% in 2009 

September 09, 2009

Brazil's grain production will total 133.5 million tons in 2009, down 8.6 percent from the 146 million produced last year, the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) predicted Tuesday.

The IBGE's forecast in August was 134.4 million tons. According to the institute, the projected fall was mostly due to a reduction in corn crops in Minas Gerais state and Goias state, and to a reduction in some winter crops.

The cultivation area in Brazil is expected to total 47.1 million hectares, down 0.4 percent from 2008 and 0.2 percent from the August projection.

Among the three main crops in Brazil, soybeans and corn are expected to drop 5.2 percent and 15.1 percent respectively in production this year. Rice production is expected to increase four percent.

Of the 41 grain products in the study, 23 are expected to see production fall this year, including cotton with 25.7 percent, coffee with 13.6 percent, and wheat with 3.7 percent.

The remaining 18 products are expected to register a rise in production, including sugarcane with 7.3 percent, oats with 20.3 percent, and cashew nuts with 17.2 percent.



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