SCAE welcomes a new chapter


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SCAE welcomes a new chapter

28th August 2009

The SCAE's Membership and Chapter Development Chair, Pauline Sherwood, in late August announced the creation of the latest national chapter of the Association, in Bulgaria.

The new Bulgarian chapter is to be headed by National Coordinator Andrey Iliev, after an election among the 10 members of the new chapter, she said.

Andrey Iliev, who is involved in speciality coffee distribution with the Assos Group, organised the first coffee festival in Bulgaria, and recently held a successful barista competition in the capital, Sofia. He was also one of the founding members of the Bulgarian Association of Speciality Coffee.

The new Bulgarian chapter is currently applying for a licence from the World Barista Championship, in order to enable Bulgaria to choose a national champion and eventually to compete in the 2010 WBC, to be held in London next June.

The new chapter in Bulgaria is the SCAE's 34th national chapter.


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